Service is necessary in order to maintain the functioning and value of your timepiece. The manufacturer recommends that mechanical and quartz watches should be serviced every three to four years.

An estimate is a description of the service charges. The charges depend on the condition of the watch. The estimate is divided into necessary and optional repairs. It is sent by fax or mail in a timely manner.

A complete movement overhaul includes the following:

  • Disassembling the watch and movement followed by a careful assessment of all components
  • Cleaning and replacement or repair of worn or damaged parts
  • If it is necessary the crown and tube will be replaced
  • The bezel and case back gaskets are replaced
  • Assembling the movement, oiling of parts, and calibration of the mechanism
  • Polishing of the case and bracelet (optional)
  • The service is guaranteed for one year
  • In order to assure that the watch is working properly all watches are observed and monitored in a 48 hour period. This is done before the watch is returned to the customer.

Our quality control specialists are trained to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and to ensure that the watch is working properly. Our one year service guarantee is issued once the watch has passed all technical tests and when it’s appearance exhibits a standard of excellence.


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